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It's amazing how your life changes when you get a dog. Every story we tell centers around this little cutie. That's why we decided to start this little blog to share our stories and pictures with our friends and family ... (plus we wanted to see what all this blog stuff was about)

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Coda's Bad Day

Yesterday we took Coda to a house that Mike was house sitting. There are 2 dogs that live there plus Sherlock was there. Coda knows Sherlock, but the other 2 dogs were a bit intimidating for her. Kate an 11 year old Doberman was very sweet. She gave Coda a sniff and then left her alone. Sherlock was excited as always to see her and Apollo ... a small mutt ... wanted a piece of our little baby.

We took all of the puppies to the back yard to run around and it was then that everything got bad. Apollo and Sherlock started to chase Coda and she got scared. She ran away and Apollo caught her and started to get very very rough. He turned her over and was barking and growling at her. Coda started to cry ... that loud screamy type cry. I tried to get Apollo off of her, but he was being very nasty. It was very very scary for us and for her.

I finally got her free and for the rest of the day she wouldn't leave Bri or I alone. She sat on our laps for the rest of the day. Now our shy little baby is even more timid :(


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