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It's amazing how your life changes when you get a dog. Every story we tell centers around this little cutie. That's why we decided to start this little blog to share our stories and pictures with our friends and family ... (plus we wanted to see what all this blog stuff was about)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Please Don't Go Mommy

This morning, my little darling did the cutest thing ... so cute I almost called out of work to stay home with her!

It was time for me to get my shoes on and leave for work (Bri was already at work). I was standing in the living room listening to one last news report and she came up to me and rested her head against my leg. I leaned over to pet her ... she looked up at me with those eyes of hers and I had to kneel down on the floor to be closer to her. She then proceeds to lay down on my long skirt and close to me as she could. She knew it was time for me to go and she was going to do anything to make me forget that! What a smart little cookie we have :)


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